'Lost' merges television with new mediums

The television series Lost and its revolutionary use of the latest media formats is discussed in this week’s Time (October 2, 2006). “Why the Future of Television is Lost” explores the use of the Internet, ipods, Tivo and DVDs to enhance the viewer’s experience. Author James Poniewozik also explore the economic benefits to the networks […]

The End of Newspapers?

Like Chicken Little’s claims, the end is being predicted–this time for the newspaper. Since the dawn of television many Media experts have predicticted the demise of the daily newspaper. In Michael Kinsley’s article “Do Newspapers Have a Future?” in the October 2, 2006 edition of Time once again the issue is discussed, this time with […]

MySpace under the Microscope

This last week has seen a series of interesting article of the website MySpace. I have included links to the articles, however you might need to go via the CCNY proxy. First, check out the September 16, 2006 New York Times article concerning the people behind My Space. The article covers a controversial report that […]

Another Media Blog……

Steve Foster from Dr. Keller’s Class has recommended an interesting Media Blog–DocBug. DocBug tackles: ‘intelligence, media technologies, intellectual property, and the occasional politics.’

Tackling your Research Question.

      By now you have been attempting to create your research question. Frankly this is one of the most challenging aspects of your project. I strongly suggest you view the Empire State College’s webpage concerning formulating a research question. In particular, focus on the eight steps of evaluating your question which are reprinted here. 1. […]

Reporters sans frontieres/Reporters Without Borders

    Reporters sans frontieres/Reporters Without Borders is a Media/Human Righs group that monitors the issue of freedom of the press globally. An outstanding source. According to their website: “Reporters Without Borders’ maintains this trilingual (French, English and Spanish) website in order to keep a daily tally of attacks on press freedom as they occur […]

TMZ.com, a new horizon for the media

      Check out this particular blog:TMZ.com . This site might have been a minor player on the web until the recent Mel Gibson incident. Media outlet around the country were scooped by this site. In fact many media sources cited it as their main source. For covering the entertainment field, it is unique and worth […]

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