Did NBC and other Media outlets have an obligation to show the Virginia Tech Tape?

The latest firestorm to effect the Media is the broadcasting of the materials sent to NBC from the Virginia Tech Killer, Cho Seung-Hui. Yahoo! News has published Second-guessing on use of Cho pictures by David Bauder giving a enlightening spin on the ethical issues. City Journal has also published a strong opinion piece, in Mass […]

Imus, Imus, Imus.

Well what could we possibly say about this topic that has not already been said! The issues that Don Imus, his comment and his dismissals have raised, as they pertain to the Media, are staggering. FAIR in the essay, Rallying Around Their Racist Friend asks some interesting questions of the Media and their relationship with […]

So are you a Digital Native, or a Digital Immigrant?

How do you use digital technology? Marc Prensky in his article Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants Part 2  opened a discussion on the way generations ‘see’ the digital world. His philosophy and conclusions are some what controversial, so check them out and decide if you think his points are valid. Feel […]

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