MySpace under the Microscope

This last week has seen a series of interesting article of the website MySpace. I have included links to the articles, however you might need to go via the CCNY proxy.
First, check out the September 16, 2006 New York Times article concerning the people behind My Space. The article covers a controversial report that alleges that the founders of the website came from companies involved with three evils of the web: spam, spyware and adware.

What’s Online: The Story Behind MySpace

U.S. News & World Reports’ Cover Story for September 18, 2006 was a series of articles: “What Parents Need to Know About MySpace.” Besides the usual panic button approach, there are also some facinating insight concerning the culture of MySpace. If you get a paper edition of the magazine, be sure to check out ‘Profiles Encouraged,’ which deconstructs a MySpace page for the nonuser. Four of the articles are linked below:

How To Invade Their Space

Decoding MySpace

Click Notes

Make It Predator-Proof

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