The Latest Media Ethics Issue: O.J., the Media & "If I Did It".

By now you should be aware that the book and television contracts for the O. J. Simpson “If I Did It” has been cancelled by Rupert Murdoch after the media firestorm of the last two weeks.

Check out the November 27, 2006 Newsweek (pp. 38-41) article “How Low Can You Go?” to view the passions that have again resurfaced concerning this case. Also carefully check out the prose of the article. Remember our discussion on bias, and levels of bias? Observe how the reporters blast the reader with their opinions. This article is only available in paper at this time so ask for the issue at the Cohen Reserve Desk.
Below are the latest articles on on this ongoing controversy.





Families Press for Details on O.J. Deal

Fox Cancels O. J. Deal

Judith Regan: Why I Gave O. J. a Book Deal

Does O. J. Confess in New Book?

Gallery: Revisiting the Murders

Thoughts to ponder:

Who dropped the ball in gauging public and media reaction to this issue?

Consider the millions of dollars involved, what finally changed the situation for Murdoch?

What influence did Bill O’Reilly, Geraldo Rivera and Larry King coverage have in altering Murdoch’s decision?
Finally should public outcry kill a story?

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