The iPad’s newest champion: Rupert Murdoch!

Say what you may about Rupert Murdoch, but he certainly knows how to rattle the Media World. With the announcement of the i-newspaper called The Daily, the future of newsprint and its adaptation to the web is again ready for a renewed debate. In the article Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs to launch tablet newspaper, […]

You Tube video on UCF cheating scandal opens debate on Academic Integrity

The November 1 lecture by Professor Richard Quinn of the University of Central Florida Business School has become a sensation on You Tube, opening a discussion of plagiarism and cheating in Academia.  When faced with the knowledge that up to 1/3 of his class of 600+students cheated, the  Professor uses his class time to address […]

What is the Future of Media?

Our colleagues at the Graduate Center have put together an exciting program for this evening concerning future of media. What Is the Future of the Media? This event will feature Tina Brown, Andrew Sullivan, and Jeff Jarvis in conversation about the future of the media, and the way in which electronic publishing and the Internet, […]

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