You Tube video on UCF cheating scandal opens debate on Academic Integrity

The November 1 lecture by Professor Richard Quinn of the University of Central Florida Business School has become a sensation on You Tube, opening a discussion of plagiarism and cheating in Academia.  When faced with the knowledge that up to 1/3 of his class of 600+students cheated, the  Professor uses his class time to address […]

Wikipedia under siege!

While Wikipedia has always been a lighting rod for criticism, the latest Media coverage concerning the website has left its staff and supporters in crisis. First, Middlebury College’s History Department banned the use of the site in papers and exams. This after a serious factual error was quoted by numerous students on an exam–their communal […]

Tackling your Research Question.

      By now you have been attempting to create your research question. Frankly this is one of the most challenging aspects of your project. I strongly suggest you view the Empire State College’s webpage concerning formulating a research question. In particular, focus on the eight steps of evaluating your question which are reprinted here. 1. […]

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