The iPad’s newest champion: Rupert Murdoch!

Say what you may about Rupert Murdoch, but he certainly knows how to rattle the Media World. With the announcement of the i-newspaper called The Daily, the future of newsprint and its adaptation to the web is again ready for a renewed debate.

In the article Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs to launch tablet newspaper, in , Murdoch is quoted as stating that the iPad is a ‘ game changer.’ The media baron has jumped on this new technology with a fascinating economic approach. The 30 million dollar investment will not be available either in print or the web—only on tablet computers. The cost $.99 a week.

Gabriel Sherman’s article, Reading ‘The Daily’ in the December 6, 2010 New York Magazine discusses the editorial slant of the newspaper and has some insightful tidbits about the creation of this new publication. The Daily promises to be different from any other Murdoch acquisition.

What amazes me is speed in which the iPad is reshaping the Media. Having only premiered in April 2010, it is restructuring who and how information will be accessed.

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