If only Paul Revere had Social Networking….

The political upheaval being experienced across North Africa and the Middle East has already found its iconic symbol. It is not an individual or a particular group–it is in fact Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. The youth of Tunisia and Egypt discovered that the tools they have used for social communication, can in fact beĀ  a powerful weapon.

I highly recommend the 60 Minutes segment on “Wael Ghonium and Egypt’s New Age Revolution,” this young Google executive explains the importance of social networking in awakening the youth of Egypt to political advocacy and protest. The interview also shows the vulnerabilitiesĀ  governments face in controlling their citizens due to the openness of social networking.

I also recommend a video on You Tube by a Tunisian Rapper called El General. His Rap, “Rais LeBled” has become the anthem of the various protests across the region. The 21 year old had his music banned in Tunisia yet though the internet was able to get his protest musicĀ  circulated globally. Now, his call against corruption has been used by the various ‘Jasmine Revolutions’ in the Region and he has become the Bob Dylan of his generation.

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