Drilling a story!

Check out the site Truth Dig for some interesting analysis and commentary on todays stories!   http://www.truthdig.com/

Assignment Zero: A new frontier in Journalism?

So you want to be a published journalist? Assignment Zero takes the field of journalism and opens it up to all budding writers. By posting an ‘assignment’, the editor of Assignment Zero gives multiple individuals the ability to post reports on the topics. Multiple reports on a topic will make all interpretations represented. The question […]

Wikipedia under siege!

While Wikipedia has always been a lighting rod for criticism, the latest Media coverage concerning the website has left its staff and supporters in crisis. First, Middlebury College’s History Department banned the use of the site in papers and exams. This after a serious factual error was quoted by numerous students on an exam–their communal […]

Media Issues Explored

The Canadian site Media Awareness Network is a media education website that is international in scope. Available in both French and English, the materials on this site range from games for K-12 to research and special initatives.The themes of media violence, media stereotyping, online hate and information privacy are covered in a series of essays. […]

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